Something Ate My Alien released!

20 June 2020

It’s true! Something Ate My Alien has been released on steam.

If you followed my twitter account or this website then you’d know that I’ve been waiting for SAMA to be released for quite some time now.

Something Ate My Alien, (SAMA in short), is a 2D digging and puzzle adventure game. Your mining ship is hijacked and your aliens forced to mine resources and relics to pay the ransom.

Think Dig Dug meets Dangerous Dave but in a more modern, beautiful and unique setting. Control your Alien to dig, find the required resources, build upgrades and weapons to ultimately free your ship from the pirate.

I will be streaming the game over the course of the weekend and coming weeks, keep an eye on the twitter feed. Even better, go get the game and play it, you are guaranteed hours of fun.