Vengeance 1.0 released

30 April 2020

The FPS Vengeance reached version 1.0 today. If you miss the good old days of ProMod then definitely have a look at Vengeance.

From the game’s steam page:

Old-modern-school shooter with a focus on the player. Play one of the fastest multiplayer games out there with dozens of weapons and a challenging recoil. Play fast. Play the past!

I bought the game purely to support 314 Arts as they developed and published this FPS which also runs natively on Linux.

You are able to play against bots but the real pudding is in the online multiplayer lobbies against real players. Currently they support 4 regions namely Australia, Europe, North America and Asia where you can join games or host your own.

Unfortunately I only managed to find a handful of games to play against other humans but the release of version 1.0 should hopefully bring back more players. I will be streaming and doing a review in the next couple of days.