Something Ate my Alien looking for Alpha testers

I applied to be an alpha tester for RoKabium Games ‘s “Something Ate my Alien” as they are looking for testers on Linux.

Thus far I have had the pleasure to test and play the game which already feels very polished considering that it is an alpha version.

Something Ate my Alien or SAMA in short, is a 2D puzzle platformer made in Unity by Rob Donovan and Kat Langwagen. More on them here.

There are a few things I will be reporting back soon and would like to call all Linux gamers to contact the developers here and sign up to help test a sure to be fantastic game.

For more information on SAMA please visit the below links. Let’s support the developers that put time and effort into making games that will run on our beloved Linux systems.

I would also like to thank Liam Dawe from Gaming on Linux who posted about the game and test. Be sure to follow Gaming on Linux for all the latest and greatest in Linux gaming news.